Primary Treatment


Gravity Sewerage Treatment Systems

Depending on the size and terrain of your site, you may be able to install an onsite sewerage treatment system that discharges effluent to the disposal field via gravity. As wastewater flows into the septic tank at the inlet, it displaces the water in the septic tank to the outlet. A Biotube Effluent Filter on the outlet of your septic tank will protect the disposal field from particles that could clog and damage it; the Biotube® will greatly extend the life of the disposal field. Innoflow offers a range of general products for gravity wastewater septic tank systems

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Pumped Sewage Treatment Systems

Where section size is limiting, or if a higher level of treatment and control is required, Innoflow can offer a pumped sewerage treatment solution. Still a cost-effective method of primary treatment, Innoflow's pumped solutions offer the same filtration technology as the gravity option with the added benefit of pumping for elevated areas, areas some distance away, or if timer controlled dosing is required.

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